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HeartBizNet Sweden Business Match Online - 09th June

ARE YOU READY TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE? So book your place now to attend The HeartBizNet Exclusive Business Meeting online and Get Back Your Personal Finances on the shape, or meet NEW PAYING CLIENTS. 

HeartBizNet Italia Business Match Online - 08 Giugno

SEI PRONTO A POTENZIARE IL TUO BUSINESS ONLINE? Quindi prenota subito il tuo posto per partecipare all’esclusivo incontro di lavoro online di HeartBizNet e recuperare le tue finanze personali in forma, o incontrare NUOVI CLIENTI PAGANTI.

What People Are Saying

Heartbiznet is a unique international group. The group is made up of specialized business professionals who have brilliant influential conversations to build their brands in a heartfelt setting. The beauty of this concept is an exchange and purchase of personal and professional services ensures a return on investment.

Sheena LC Walker, Global Mark Speaker Creator of Performance By Design – SCT

“HeartBizNet is the future business network. Here we focus on personal relationships before business which is very uncommon nowadays with networking events. This is a place to grow personally and professionally.”

Abel Alazar, Quickr Marketing

It’s a great opportunity to get to know amazing people from different backgrounds and to make business by it.

Valentina Iannazzone, Designer and Architect- ITA

“HeartBizNet is a new way of networking online. We can buy from each other, I love that you can reach new paying clients. “

Melissa Tolud, Jewellery designer founder Mellola- NL

The HeartBiznet Business Match is a Unique Event that has a very warm feeling and at the same time gives you an outgoing for your business as well having paying clients.

Janine Van Throo, Natural Hair Therapist – BE

HeartBiznet Business Match gives You an opportunity to so many things: It give you the opportunity to work on your sales pitch , to get paying clients, to get Energy and Joi that as Entrepreneurs we need to boost our Business.

Mia Lindh, founder of soul biz woman – SWE – BE

HeartBiznet Business Match it´s your passport to boost your business worldwide and even locally. You can enhance Your sales pitch, you become an Active Member in a karmic Family where each of us cares to prosper with the other Active Members. Every Business Match You go back to the daily life Recharged and with more clients to work with. HeartBiznet is more than a Network  its a solution in those unpredictable times.

Isabel Lopez, Influencer – ES

I didn´t know what to expect at my first time but it has been really something that positively goes with my believes as much i can gain something too. Amazing experience.

Cecilia Magnusson, Life Coach- SWE

It´s an Amazing opportunity to meet people from other countries who are working with hearts. I saw a colourful rainbow by my inner eye when we meditate together. I think it´s an Amazing experience to do.

Lotta Boquist – SWE